Use in Toronto, Ontario, Canada?


Can my Moto G5 be used for three days next week, Monday-Wednesday? How does that all work?



I’ve also wondered about this. The RW Tip you cite doesn’t seem to specifically address Canada. Of course, calls and texts could be made and received via WiFi. But RW’s GSM partner advertises unlimited wireless service for US customers traveling in Canada. Wouldn’t that apply to RW 3.0 GSM customers as well?


Republic offers no cellular coverage outside the U.S. In that sense, Canada is as international as any other country. A Republic phone attached to WiFi can call and text local Canadian numbers without resorting to a third party service. Otherwise, a Republic phone works no differently in Canada than any other location outside the U.S.

The short answer regarding Republic’s GSM network partner’s Canadian cellular coverage is it doesn’t apply.