Use my phone for texting only?

I do not want to have the telephone talking capability on my republic wireless android motorola crapy phone. I ONLY WANT TO USE IT FOR TXTING. I hate it when ppl call me and plus most of the time they are junk calls any way.

Is there a way to disable incoming and outcoming phone calls and just use the device as an sms texting machine?


It is not possible to disable calling on a Republic Wireless phone.

Although it is not possible to completely disable calling, you have a few options at your disposal to mitigate the nuisance from junk calls

  1. You can use a call blocking app such as

Extreme Call Blocker - Android Apps on Google Play or

Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker - Android Apps on Google Play .

  1. You can place the phone in silent mode, so that it doesn’t ring on incoming phone calls.

You might also find this document from a fellow Republic member helpful

How to find your phone’s Sprint number and stop unwanted calls or texts to that number


All calls can be sent to voicemail

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