Use of current phone when going to a new carrier

If I decide to leave Republic, can I keep my current Moto g Power phone and just remove Republic’s sim card and replace it with the new carrier’s sim?


That said, is there something specific that’s causing you to consider leaving Republic that we might be able to help with?


Yes. I have the 1GB plan, mainly for the affordability and limited need for data.
However, lately whenever I am away from WiFi access, my cell data use spikes before I know that I’m using it, and I’m forced to be extra careful for the rest of the month.
So, I was surfing around looking for affordable plans and found a couple that offer 5GB, and even 12GB for what I’m paying at Republic.
That would solve my problem of having to be careful not to go over the 1GB that I currently have,

Hi @leep.ncy62c,

Doing what you’ve described and nothing more would not result in the cancellation of your Republic account; you would continue to be billed. You’ll need to either transfer your number to the new carrier, which will cancel your Republic service, or cancel from the account portal if you’re not interested in keeping your current number.

(That may seem completely obvious to you, but I just want to be sure it’s clear because we’ve had people do as you’ve described, not actually cancel, and get mad at us several months down the road when they realized they’ve continuned to be billed.)

I’m sorry to hear this is happening. We can likely help keep that from happening with some steps if you’d like to work on it.

A couple of things on this:

  1. Do examine carefully. Many offers that seem too good to be true are. Things like no voice/text roaming or the requirement to pay for a year in advance to get the pricing (after a promo period) are common. Depending where you are the lack of roaming can be a significant decrease in coverage.

  2. As you may have seen in the announcements Republic was recently acquired by DISH. Based on what DISH has done with its previous acquisitions (Boost and Ting) I would expect that at some point in the future there will be changes or additions to plans. If you do leave keep an eye on Republic because it may fit you better if an when these changes come.

FWIW, Android is certainly challenging when it comes to “leaky” background data. I have turned off “use data in the background” for just about every app, and it has helped. You can also try the Data Saver feature.

Early on in my RW tenure, I discovered a few apps that ate data in the background like it was candy. One was a gas price monitoring app, which was updating station pricing as I moved around town. Turning off background data for that app made a huge difference. A little research into what apps are using lots of data may help; Android will give you that info.

Best of luck finding a solution that works best for you!


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