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Can I eliminate the requirement to use a password to access my voicemail? How? I didn’t previously need one but now it seems I do. What changed?


For security reasons all Republic VM must now have a PIN. Without a PIN anyone with your number can spoof that number, call the VM server and access your VM. Because of this, it is a really bad practice to allow access without a PIN, therefore Republic no longer allows it.

In addition, should the phone become inoperative, lost or damaged, the only way to access VM is if you have a PIN enabled.

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My moto x cell has been broken for 2 weeks. How can I use a different cell to access my voice mail? Is there a way to check my text without my cell working. I have ordered a new cell, but I have not received it yet.


Have you ever setup a voicemail password?


Additionally, unless you’ve previously installed Republic’s own messaging app known as Republic Anywhere, there is no way to access your text messages from another device. What you can do is peek in on call/messaging history to see who’s calling and/or messaging you:

For your consideration, more on Republic Anywhere here:


Why when I log into “my account” on my desktop there is no access to set up a pin for voicemail?


Because we only built it into the app on the phone since it is a phone setting.


Can you assign a password so I don’t have to deal with this. Their are 3 messages I cannot get or delete?


We do not have the ability to set it on our end. It is not a feature we have in support either.


My 90 year old Mother now has a phone with no access. How does a company implement changes without thinking about the customer? I never received anything giving me a heads up. I’m 4000 miles away.


Hi @blueseashore,

We’d be glad to work with your mother by phone to help her set her password. I’ll DM you to see what we can arrange.


While I appreciate your response it won’t get the task completed. Being 90, my Mother uses two hearing aids which many times makes it difficult to hear on a cell phone. Also knowing she had a task like this perform would most likely make her panic. I’m going to see her in the next week or two and will set up the pin. Thanks for your assistance.


it was announce here

but even then it came late (change was made a day before the announcement) and was not a informed roll out
(I never got an E-mail informing of this change and the

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