Use of unlockd GSM phone. (BLU)

*1. I have Republic Wireless 912 XXX XXXX. Can I get this number transferred to a new phone. (Like getting GSM) phone. *

2. I plan to use BYOP unlocked quad band GSM, (BLU) phone.

3. Can I keep the number and get a SIM card.

4. If I cant keep the number get a new number, using GSM unlocked phone BLU quad band.

Thanks. Sarma.

  1. Please remove your phone number, this is a public forum. Yes you can transfer your phone number to a new phone. When you activate your new phone, you will be given the option of upgrade/replacement which will transfer your old number.

  2. This phone is not on the approved list of BYOPs. Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

  3. Yes, you can keep your old phone number. You can buy a SIM through Amazon or Republic Wireless. If you buy a phone from Republic Wireless, then the phone comes with a SIM.

  4. You can not use this phone with Republic. It’s not approved.


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