Use Older Cell Phone for Extended Home

Wish we could use Extended Home with an older RW cell phone on an 1.0 plan. We have two Moto G1s that were replaced by Moto G6’s. Would be great if we could activate one of the old cell phones and have it associated with the ATA. Our primary need isn’t a third cell phone, we simply need a cost efficient way to transfer our existing landline over to RW. We would use the wireless phone system that already covers the entire house with the ATA. Yes, we would have the increased recurring monthly cost of the third cell phone service but would not be out the cost of purchasing a third phone compatible with the My Choice plan. Adding the third phone would still be cheaper than the existing landline charges :crazy_face:

Would love to consolidate all of our phone service through RW. Are there any technical reasons why this couldn’t be done? Just wondering…

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It would require we test it and then regression test it and make sure we do not break the older technology every time we make a change. We would not be able to add features without a lot of risk and cost to test.

Keep in mind that sounds small but is a huge cost and burden we could not recoup.

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@seanr - thanks for the extra info. The Devil is always in the details! Thought it might be more of a business decision than a technical issue. Either way, I applaud RW for looking for innovative ways to add value for the customers.

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