Use sim card on new phone


Bought my wife a new Moto G6 from RW for her birthday. It came today. She is a current RW customer and has a Moto G 1st Gen. phone on the 1.0 plan. Can I use the sim card (cdma) from the old phone on the new phone? Thanks.

Btw, Merry Christmas/happy holidays to everyone.


The Moto G 1st Gen doesn’t have a SIM card at all (and even if it did, it couldn’t be moved). The G6 could have come configured with a CDMA SIM card. Do you know what it came with?


Lol. You’re right. How did I miss that? It (Moto G6) came with a GSM sim card. It has the 89012 in the number. I opened a help ticket and asked RW to send me a cdma sim card.

Thanks for the quick response.


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