Username - how determined & how to change


I just posted here and I see my username is very strange. How did Republic come up with such cryptic names? How do I change it to something friendlier?


Hi @danp.7al1u0,

I believe the cryptic names are intended to protect one’s privacy. As for a change, please see this previous Community thread: How do I change my Community username?.

As you’ve been a Community member for much longer than 5 days perhaps @southpaw or another friendly member of the Community team would do the honors. She’ll likely prove me wrong but it might taker a bit longer due to it being a weekend.


Hi @danp.7al1u0,

Welcome to our Community!

What would you like your username to be? Please give me a few choices to work with, because I can’t give you a username that’s already in use.

I’m about to go for a bike ride, so it may be a couple of hours before I make it back online, but I’ll change it for you later this afternoon.


@danp.7al1u0 … easy way to see if your favorite name is taken or available is to start a reply to @southpaw offer above … then start typing @yourfavename … it will immediately respond on a character by character basis … if you see it in the popop it’s being used else it’s available and she can probably assign it to you


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