Using a different SIM card in a Moto X2 (XT1094)



Do you know if I can swap the SIM card of my Moto X2 and use it as a local phone in another country that supports GSM and LTE ? Would be there any issues when I come back to the USA and reinstall the RW SIM Card ?


No. The legacy phone model Moto X2 is locked to R.W. service due to its custom ROM on the phone. It will not work on any other carrier.

You will need to upgrade to a current unlocked 3.0 compatible phone to make use of International service SIM cards. Supported phones


Thanks. If I buy a RW unlock phone, can I use it in my plan 2.0 as a WIFI phone only, before going overseas, use it with WIFI overseas as RW WiFI phone and swap the SIM when I want to use it as local phone ?, Then When I come back re-activate my Moto X2 with the Basic Plan in USA ?


Hi @manuela.etlgrp,

Republic’s new phones require Republic’s My Choice plans detailed here: Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless. There is no WiFi only My Choice plan. The least expensive My Choice plan is unlimited talk and text on both WiFi and cell for $15/month.

Republic’s newer phones can alternate between Republic service on WiFi and local (in country) cellular service by swapping SIMs. This is detailed in the previously referenced article, which I wrote.

You may reactivate your Moto X2 in place of the new phone upon returning to the U.S. if that’s your preference and return to your grandfathered 2.0 plan.


OK, Thanks for your explanation. That means that my best option is to downgrade my plan to WIFI only while I am overseas, use my MotoX via WiFi and if needed, get a phone overthere or bring a new RW phone unlocked that I can eventually use it to upgrade to Clear Choice (3.0) ?


All of that would work. :slightly_smiling_face:


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