Using a RW Moto E4 seems to "break" our wifi from a Frontier/NetGear 890 ADSL2+ modem router

Our house has Frontier provided DSL. Yup, slow. When using a WiFi-connected PC, it seems the daughter’s use of her Moto E4 greatly slows down and sometimes stalls the PC’s ability to connect to the modem/router. She doesn’t have any problem, as though her RW phone is being given priority. Having her stop streaming stuff on her phone off seems to improve the situation.
This Frontier/NetGear 890 ADSL2+ model of modem/router seems to have been invented around 2008 (mine was manufactured 02/2015, and is Rev. 5A).
Does anyone with RW experience know if this modem is up to speed, or antiquated junk?
Can something be done to the modem to serve both our PC WiFi and RW phone needs simultaneously?
Or is it the slow Verizon DSL service?
Any recommendations for a modem model with fewer problems, or will the problem clear up if Verizon simply provides adequate bandwidth consistently? I have seen my Wifi PC only speeds (without RW phone connected) vary depending on how much our large neighborhood of families is using their connections with Verizon at that time of day.

Any form of DSL is ancient by today’s standards, but clearly in some cases, it’s just a necessary evil, as i’s all that’s available.

Do other devices create the same problem when on the network? Is this only certain times in the day.

I ask because I have a sister in rural Northwest Arkansas, and she has DSL. There are times when the DSL is so saturated, mostly the times when you’d expect people on the internet, that it’s unusable. It could be issues with the time of day.

And next would there be apps or other things pulling extra data on the network? That could also cause issues, especially anything that’s streaming.

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This would be my assumption. Talk to Frontier. I had their DSL service long ago. It was abysmal until my 8th call to customer service when someone actually conducted a line test and told me there was a problem with line quality. They sent a repairman out and everything was fine afterward. My brother in-law currently has Frontier and had bad slow service until he and his neighbors called enough to get Frontier to come out and update the DSLAM for their neighborhood. Rather than buying equipment that may not work, talk to your provider and ask them to provide the service you are already paying for.

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Thanks davekc and cbwahlstrom for your insights. I will dog Verizon to increase their bandwidth. They have starved me much of the time I have been a customer. In the past I showed them the measured upload and download speeds they were providing me (episodically and frequently well below claimed speeds they were supposed to provide). They also have had “dirty” lines in the neighborhood multiple times in the past affecting me, including in the last couple of weeks that took them days to figure out - maybe it isn’t fully figured out.

Also, my wireless usb dongle at my desktop with the problem has been getting hot and flaky, and substituting another one of the same make and model has reduced the problem considerably.

Thanks again!

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