Using an SD card as shared storage

I kept running out of storage on my Moto z play. I had an SD card that was removable,but could only use about half of it because it would not store apps. I formatted the SD card to be internal storage. Now, my music has maxed out my internal storage. How can I designate that the music go to SD Storage?

A note for anyone that’s thinking of formatting their SD card to share storage. It not only wipes the SD card, but wipes the phone as well, basically making it as if you had just bought the phone. I wasn’t aware it was going to do this and wasn’t quite prepared to spend the amount of time I did downloading backups to the phone!:hushed:

If the storage as formatted as internal storage there is no more SD storage, all the memory is combined in to one pool, controlled by the OS. There isn’t a way to designate content to go one place or another in that case.

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