Using Cell Data When Connected to WiFi



What phone do you have?
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 and I’m on the Unlimited Talk & Text with 1GB of data per month.
When I’m connected to WiFi, I shouldn’t be using my cell data right? Well, for the last month, I have used the entire GB in one-two days! I was without internet at home for the last week and a half and although I wasn’t connected to the internet, I still should have been able to send and receive texts right? Well, the answer to that is NO. My phone kept telling me that I had to “download” my messages and any texts I tried to send wouldn’t go…until I was connected to the internet.



If I understand you correctly your internet service at home was down. If it was down because your ISP couldn’t deliver service to your modem. If your Modem and WiFi were still powered up your phone would still connect to the WiFi but without access to the internet.

If this is the situation your phone will use your cell connection for data. If your cell connection at home is marginal (like it is at my home) the phone will be automatically fetching your email etc. with a lot of retries as the cell signal comes and goes. This can consume a lot of data even when you are away from the phone. It can also result in intermittent messaging.


Okay, thank you BLLG. I will just have to remember to turn off my data and only turn it on when I know I have no WiFi at all and need to access the net.



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