Using Email to send a text message isn't working

A quick search of the community came up with a post from @seanr (back in 2017) saying that you can send an email to your phone number at and it will send a text message to that phone. For example, sending an email to ■■■■ would send a text to that cell number. However, it doesn’t appear to be working. I sent an email to my 10-digit cell# a couple hours ago and have not received a text message. Interestingly enough, though, the email hasn’t been bounced back either.

Anybody know if the process has changed?

1st this needs to be turn on in the Republic app :rw_3: or :rw_app:(setting tab :settingsicon: under advance setting “allow SMS messages from email”)

second Republic system does not like anything but plain text so if an email is set for HTML to will not go though. (I also have had issue with sending emails from an exchange servers)


Ok, that resolved the issue. Thanks for that, and for the additional information.

I did notice, however, that the subject line of the message is not included in the text. That might be problematic for what I’m trying to accomplish, but at least the texts are working now.

Thanks again!

it known and by Republic design to not have the Subject come though the text
other limits

I’ll have to do some additional testing. I’m trying to get a WiFi based water leak detector to send text alerts to my phone, but all it knows how to do is send email alerts, and I think the main alert message is in the subject line. Still, if I can get it to text anything at all, it will still be an alert. Thanks again for letting me know about the required app setting.

Why not just let the leak detector send e-mails to a Gmail account instead of using an e-mail to SMS gateway? Gmail push notifications are about as fast as SMS.

my guess would be the not wanting to sign up for a data plan

I can have the leak detector send the emails to my Gmail account, but I get a lot of emails so I don’t allow Gmail on my phone to trigger audible alerts, as it would drive me crazy. I would only want Gmail to produce an audible alert when it received an email from the detector, but I haven’t found a way to make Gmail do selective alerts.

I just configured the detector to send an email to my number at so will see how it works out. Unfortunately the detector is at my daughter’s house so testing will have to wait until I can get over there. I can configure the detector remotely, but it’s hard to dump some water on it without being there… :wink:

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You could create a new Gmail account just for the leak detector and add the account to your phone’s Gmail android app, and then go into the notification settings and turn off the other accounts notifications while leaving the new account turned on. Or just assign a different notification sound to the leaky Gmail account.


Interesting. Didn’t realize that different Gmail accounts in the same Gmail app could have different notification settings. I’ll keep that in mind if the email-to-text doesn’t work out the way I want. Thanks.

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I ran a test and unfortunately the email that the detector sends out is HTML, so RW doesn’t send the text to my phone. I guess I’ll have to go with the 2nd Gmail account option.

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