Using existing sim card for new phone

Hello all, I bought a new US based Galaxy S8 w/ proper model # and switching from my old Moto X Pure. I am keeping the My Choice plan so can I just use the same sim card for the new phone? Thanks for your response!

Maybe. Take a look at the SIM. If the “public” part of Republic is in green, yes, you can move the SIM (don’t forget to load the Republic App and use it to activate the SIM in the new phone). If it on the other hand is gray/black, you’ll need a new SIM.

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Sorry Luis, are you saying the icon at the top of phone? If so, mine is white.

No. He means on the SIM card itself. You need to remove the SIM card that is in your Moto X Pure and look at the word Republic printed on that SIM card. If the “public” portion of the word is printed in green lettering, then you can move that SIM to your new phone. If it’s printed in all grey, you will need a new SIM card.

  • A GSM SIM card is white, and the word republic has public in green letters. You can simply transfer this SIM card to your new phone.
  • A CDMA SIM has a different color for each size of the SIM Card - Gray, Green, White. The word republic is all gray. You can’t transfer this SIM card to your new phone.

Perfect answer and thanks for the pics. I can use my sim then. Thanks again!


thanks so much for a very clear answer. Enjoy your day!

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