Using Google Voice: Callers unable to leave voicemail on Moto Z Play

Everything works w/o a glitch when my Moto Z Play is connected to wifi. I’ve tested all different scenarios tonight and here are the results:

  • RW own voicemail system: No issues. Moto Z Play on Wifi connection only, Wifi+cell, cell only or phone off (airplane mode) no problems, the caller will always get the voicemail greetings and be able to leave message.

  • RW to GV forwarding: the caller can hear the greetings and leave message but only when the phone has wifi connections.

Problem starts# when the phone is taken off the wifi, even with a good cell signal alone, the caller would hear the usual 4 or 5 rings followed up with fast, busy-like signals and no greetings. But, what I’m most baffled with, is the fact that the call is being forwarded to GV, since I’m getting “Missed Call” notification in my Gmail, Voice and Google messenger alltogether.

Hope there is solution to this problem, I think, I’m not an expert in cellular telephony though, that the key clue may be the fact that GV works perfect when the phone has wifi then it also works without it, but it falls short of getting that voicemail greetings.

Don’t know if 3.0 works the same as 2.0/1.0, but did you set your GV number as the designated voice mail forward on your RW line?

Yes, been using GV on my previous phones for many years now and never had a problem. With Moto Z Play right now it’s impossible to leave voicemail message when the call is left unanswered and wifi toggled off or put entirely into airplane mode. Am going to open ticked to see what RW people think of it.

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