Using Google Voice with Extend Home

Just realized I have one of those auto-generated usernames. Could I change it mvictoria621?

Also, will Google Voice mess with the adapter. My GV number is a number I have had for many years and I forwarded it to my cell. Most long term friends and family use it to contact me. But if is not compatible with the beta, I can transfer my GV number instead of my carrier to my new line.

Hi @mvictoria621,

I’ve updated your username, thank you! And you can keep using Google Voice and forwarding it to your cell number. It will ring your cell phone as well as any handsets you set up at home.

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I just realized there are many ways to use Google Voice and the way you use it may not be identical to the way I use it!

What you described here - forwarding inbound calls through a Google Voice number to your RW Cell number will ring the home handset.

However, when you dial out on the home handset, you’ll be dialing from the cell number. There’s not a way to make the handset send your Google Voice number as its caller ID. There’s no way to add the Google Voice app to the handset.

You can dial your Google Voice number then follow the menu prompts to place a call from the Google Voice number.

(Also, I’ve moved your post and the replies into its own topic. It’ll be good to explore in full how using the Extend Home feature works for Google Voice users.)

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Thank you for that information. I am not too concerned about dialing out and figured it would use my cell number but I can try out the steps you suggested for beta feedback if that helps.
Good to know that if someone calls my GV number it will forward to the handset

If you want to use outgoing calls using your Google Voice number, there are a few methods:

  • As southpaw has mentioned, you can dial your Google Voice number first and use option 2 for outgoing calls.
    (This was quite useful actually to me during my college days when you get free local calling from any campus phone so all you need to do is call yourself from any phone and it will use your number when calling friends)
  • If you have your cell phone handy but want to keep using the home phone (say you need to charge your cell but want to walk around the house), you can start the call using the Google Voice app on the phone and Google will give you a call.
  • And it will work the same on the computer with the website where you can start call on the website and Google will ring you first before connecting you though.

I tried calling my Google Voice number from the corded phone but that just resulted in my cell phone ringing since my calls are forwarded to the republic number linked to the ATA. No way to select option 2.

So far my Google voice number and the Extend Home are not working together at all :frowning:

Adapter arrived yesterday but I got home late and had to leave the house early today so just setting it up now.

Setup and activation seemed to go smoothly. Only hiccup involves my Google voice number. If someone calls my Google Voice number, it rings to my cell but not the landline even though I have calls forwarded to my Republic number. But direct calls to my Republic number rings both my cell and my corded phone almost at the same time.

My family and close friends use my GV number since I have had it for over a decade so I’m a bit bummed that the landline won’t ring with that number

Hi @mvictoria621,

I moved your new post into this existing topic so we can focus on the conversation in one place.

When I dial my Google Voice number, my extension rings.

Are you using the Google Voice app on your phone to receive calls, or are you forwarding calls from Google Voice to your phone?

(I’m forwarding.)

@andreas have you experimented with this at all yet?

I’m forwarding a GV number. It rings the extension, my OBi 1062, Republic phone, iPhone and Mac via the iPhone. It’s quite the cacophony.


I do have the Google voice app installed with WiFi preferred. But I do have forwarding turned on as well.
Hmm, I thought the Google voice app had to be installed in order to use GV. Am I incorrect?

Do you have the Google Voice app installed on your phone. Wondering what your settings are so that all your devices ring at the same time. (At least you definitely won’t miss hearing the phone ring!)

Yes I do on both my Republic phone and the referenced iPhone.

In theory, the GV app need not be installed to receive calls but does if one wishes to conveniently make calls from their Android or iPhone showing their GV number as caller ID. When one opts for WiFi preferred, one is sending calls using Internet data rather than regular voice service. What happens if you deselect that?

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I think that did the trick! I switched the option to prefer wifi calling and selected use my carrier minutes and when I called my GV number both my cell and the corded phone rang.

Will try the trick to calling out with my GV but my priority is more receiving calls. Thanks!


I haven’t even had a chance to open the box yet, so haven’t set mine up yet.

Looks like the issue is all figured out now, though. :slight_smile:

Well I guess the issue is still not fixed.
Perfect scenario for my use of Extend Home came up today but it didn’t work. My husband tried to call me using my GV number and I was in the basement putting laundry in the dryer. I heard my cell ring in the distant but the corded phone did not ring at all so my son didn’t pick up the phone. So as is usually the case I missed the call.

Not sure why this time it didn’t ring. It very well could be a GV issue as the app has been updated a few times recently.

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