Using Hot Spots

Can I use a hot spot device to provide wireless service to my Republic phone? Moto E 2nd Gen. with 4G LTE? I cannot continue using the same satellite provider that I have now.

Hi @salleh.tarv2b,

In my experience, most hotspot devices using 4G LTE are sufficient for use with WiFi calling, text messaging and data on a Republic phone. 3G on the hotspot may or may not work particularly well.

Republic is now selling a data only SIM for use in hotspot devices. You can read more about that here: New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card.

I suggest checking data coverage here prior to making a buying decision: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless.

If Republic’s data only SIM looks like a fit, this may be of interest: Supported Bands (Radio Frequencies) for Republic's New Data Only SIM.


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