Using in Australia, locked and unlocked, MotoE5


I am going to Australia for a month, it seems there you can insert one of their sims and use phone on a monthly rental plan.

  1. I see “unlocked” mentioned. I have a MotoE 2nd, its suddenly become very slow, so am thinking of getting MotoE 5th G. If I get it from Republic is it “unlocked” if not can I buy unlocked and use with Republic?

  2. Can I buy a MotoE5 unlocked from Amazon or whoever and use it with Republic without any problems?

Any help appreciated.


The phone offered by Republic is the US Factory Unlocked E5 Play. You can use any SIM you’d like in it.

Yes, but it can be very hard to find. Republic support the factory unlocked version of the E5 Play which is model 1921-2 and has the software channel of AMZN or RETUS. Be careful because Moto used the same model number on carrier versions of the phone including Cricket and Verizon Prepaid.


Thanks, I think will do it. Will lose CDMA but overall gain with upgrade


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