Using Mobiwol w/ BYOP Moto G4

I just purchased a Moto G4 from Amazon and set it up with Republic Wireless. I tried to set up all calls to use cellular service with the Mobiwol app since our wifi is spotty around here. However, the “Republic Telephony” selection was not available to turn off within Mobiwol like it was with my last phone (a Republic Wireless Moto G 1st Generation). I tried turning off the “Phone” app over wifi, but that doesn’t seem to work, either.

So, a couple of questions. 1, where is the “Republic Telephony” option? Is it not there since this is a BYOP phone? 2, If “Republic Telephony” is not an option, what can I turn off over wifi to ensure all my calls use cell service?

Hi @carried.flu8om,

Republic Telephony no longer exists on Republic 3.0 phones. It’s just the Republic Wireless app now. There are 4 “Phone” apps on my Moto X Pure:

  1. Phone
  2. Phone and Messaging Storage
  3. Phone call Management
  4. Phone Services

That said, I haven’t played with Mobiwol for purposes of forcing calls over cell while maintaining WiFi data connectivity on a 3.0 phone. I presume you wish to maintain the latter. Otherwise, you could simply turn off WiFi.

Thank you for the info…definitely helpful. Yeah, I want to keep the wifi running for everything else. The only “Phone” app I can find is “Phone”…and that just doesn’t seem to work consistently.

To see the additional Phone apps; at Settings -> Apps -> More (three dots upper right), tap Show system. Out of curiosity, what happens if you block Republic Wireless itself with Mobiwol?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear on the apps. I don’t see them on Mobiwol. I’m under the impression you have to see it on Mobiwol to be able to control it.

i tried turning off the Republic app last night…I didn’t see anything that was changed with functionality of the phone (or anything else, for that matter).

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