Using more space for videos and pictures



Hi, I have a Moto g3 which I added a larger sd card for more space. Is there a way to take a video or still picture directly to the larger sd card with more space? Thanks


Moto E: Make the most of your phone’s available storage


Configure Apps to Store Their Data on the SD Card

Apps that use a lot of storage for their data should provide you the option to save that data to the SD card. Look under the settings of the app for a storage option. Here’s how to find the storage option for some commonly used apps that should use SD storage.

Here SD storage.png

  • Here Navigation - Tap the menu button, then tap Settings, then Storage memory, and select sdcard1.
  • Camera - swipe in from the left edge for the options and slide the option circle upward. Tap the circle’s SD card icon and then tap SD Card.
  • Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV - tap the menu button, then tap Settings, and then Storage and select the SD card.

Move Media Content to the SD Card

move items to sd card.png

When you power up a phone with a newly installed SD card, you’ll be asked if you wish to move media to the SD card - tap OK and skip to step 4 below. Then periodically or when internal memory is low, check to see if any further content can be moved by completing this sequence:

  1. Start settings-icon.png Settings
  2. Tap Storage
  3. Tap Move Media
  4. Check all of the boxes that can be checked and tap Move