Using Moto G5 Plus camera on tripod

I use my phone on a tripod to video my music practice. I want to stop and start as needed, and I have a bluetooth remote that is paired and works fine. I open the camera, I set it to Selfie view, I click video, and I put it in the tripod. My problem is that if I am not fast to start the video, the phone goes out of the camera app, and I have to open the camera and go through the above steps all over again. And if I turn the video off, and have a little delay (30 seconds?) by the time I am ready to start the video again, the phone has gone out of the camera app to the home screen, and I have to start all over.

I have my sleep set to 30 minutes. How can I make the camera app stay open with the settings that I have set?

Hi @hollyfpk,

This is a pretty neat set-up you’ve described. I hope some of our members will put their heads together to come up with some suggestions for you, although after doing a little Googling around, it appears to be a fairly common question with no real answer. The camera uses a lot of resources (battery, processor), and keeping it open can cause the phone to heat up. The timeout is built in to protect the phone.

It’s possible another camera app might let you have a longer timeout period. Have you experimented with other camera apps?

Let’s start with that… does the remove have its own app? I’m wondering if it might have a “keep alive” option?

There is a delightful app that lets you create a macro that will make your phone do anything but dance naked. Several of us have used it to program routines for our phones, including ones that control the camera… It is here:

I have MacroDroid which I use to “wake up” my phone every hour, so that it won’t go off so that calls go to voicemail before it rings. I have been using that successfully for several years. I copied the setup from somewhere online – maybe right here on RW. I will have to look into whether or not it could keep the camera open. Good suggestion, thanks!

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The remote (which cost $6) doesn’t have an app. But the idea of getting a different camera app might be a good approach – one with more options. I am just using whatever came on the phone. I will look into that, thanks for the idea!

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This might work:
Launch Macrodroid
Select Add Macro
Select Triggers
Select Application Launched/closed
Select Application closed
Select Application
Select Camera
Select Actions
Launch Application
Select Application
Select Camera
Force new (I think)
Enter Macro Name
Top Left back arrow
save changes.

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