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My son just ordered a new Motorola G5 plus from Motorola (had to go through Motorola because we had trouble ordering from Republic - you cancelled our first attempt to order and then the phone he wanted wasn’t available in 64 GB). During the ordering process Motorola never asked for our phone service carrier so I am certain it is going to come without one. I know we can purchase as new sim kit from Republic but can we move his sim card over from his old phone?

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this depends on a few factors
Note All BYOD Phones need to be activated on GSM partner first

  1. if the old Phone is a legacy Phone [moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2] thoses SIM are non transferable so a New SIM is Needed)
  2. if the old phone is a 3.0 phone on the CDMA (Sprint) network then one must first activate the phone on GSM (with a new SIM BYOD kit)
  3. if the old phone is a 3.0 phone on the GSM Partner (T-Moblie) then one should be able to reuse the old SIM (note a deactivated SIM expire after 20 Days)


His old phone is a Republic Wireless, Motorola X 2nd gen.


this is a legacy phone and he will need a new SIM Kit either from Republic Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless or from Amazon Republic GSM SIM kit


Bummer. Okay, thanks! At least it’s only $5.


I know the feeling (I also upgrade a 2nd Gen Moto X to a newer Moto [My case a Moto Z2 Play] and ordered my SIM though Amazon with Prime at teh same time as I ordered a case)


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