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I will be traveling to China this summer and want to make sure I understand how my Moto 5 G plus phone will work? If I am connected to wifi in China my phone should work like it does hear in the States? If I need to make a cellular call, I have to use an international calling card? Is that correct?

Not quite. It won’t be possible to use Cellular in China with a Republic SIM card. Period. You might be able to use a local SIM, although your phone may not have the needed frequencies for China.

When on wifi, assuming the great firewall isn’t blocking you, you should work like it does in the States. If you want to call a number that’s not a US/Canada number, this is when you’d need to use a calling card.

Great info for a fellow user here: International Travel with a Republic Phone

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Do you know if the wechat app works with my phone in China? I use it all the time to communicate with someone in China from here in the States?

If the wifi network you connect to allows it to work, it will. Given that it is a fairly popular in China, I imagine that it will work.

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One final question for you. When it comes to charging my phone in China, will I be able to plug the charger into the wall with currency at 220 versus the 110 we have here without an issue? I know most computers are compatible but I would like to know the phone is as well.



The charger that comes with the G5+ is capable of being used on 220V.

Thanks very much.


You probably know a plug adapter may be needed.


Yes, sure do. Thanks again.

Most of the hotels I’ve stayed in have sockets that fit standard U.S. style plugs. The one hotel that did not have such sockets had one available to borrow at the front desk. Cheap adapters are also available for purchase. I carry one with me but I haven’t used it in years.

I have used both a Moto G4 and a Moto G4+ in China using ChinaMobile SIM cards.

I have found using my G5+ via WiFi to be unreliable. It works at the Seoul/iIncheon airport’s Asiana Business Class lounge but only erratically in China. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Sometimes it gives me one-way only (I can hear the U.S. caller, they cannot hear me or vice versa.) Probably depends on the quality of the WiFi and this can be some problematic in Chinese hotels.

I now travel with my G5+ with its Republic SIM. I also take my old G4 and use it with the ChinaMobile SIM.

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Thanks very much!


I am in China with my Moto G3. I am getting to the point where I need cell service for a couple of small, but very important, tasks.
Will the Chinese SIM card even work with my model of phone? What is the process of purchasing one and setting it up? Will it affect the way my phone works over wifi?

The custom ROM of the 3rd gen Republic Moto G makes it incompatible with any other provider a different SIM will not work

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
What else can I do?

You could go to a local carrier and see if they would rent a MiFi hotspot [or if you could buy one and resell later]

I need a cell signal; what I’m trying to do won’t work with wifi (ridiculous, I know). I suppose I will just wait until I go home.

If you must use cell in china your only option is to buy a cheap Chinese phone and a prepaid sim that works on one their networks. There are many shops that sell them. It shouldn’t be very expensive. You would bring home a “souvenir” from china.


I have been seriously considering it. In the meantime, a friend of mine (who was able to make the Chinese SIM card work) and I have been using his Chinese phone number/cell service to see if we can get my tasks completed, and it seems to be working so far. Thank you all for your help!

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