Using phone in Europe only for wifi apps

If I’m not planning to swap SIM cards to make the phone app work, can I take my Republic phone to Europe, and still use WIFI to run apps like WhatsApp or Skype?

Hi @lwjoot,

In short, yes. Details here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

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You certainly can! I’ve used my RW phone across the pond several times, and have never swapped out the SIM card. My strategy is to:
-Download offline Google Maps of the cities/towns I’m going to be visiting
-Offline apps for the public transportation systems of cities. Some of these have maps that will ping your GPS location and let you know how far you are from a station/stop.
-Google Translate language packs downloaded for each country. Really helpful for figuring things out, and if you can even type/talk in a message and it’ll translate it and say it.

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