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When Covid ends, we are planning a cruise in Europe. There is wifi on board. Will my phone work. My friends usually buy a sim card to get their phone to work in Europe.

Yes, your phone will work perfect on the ship wifi. We’ve done it many times (princess). Be aware there is also ship cell service. While it may work, it’s expensive. Just hook up to the shops wifi and your good to go.

Be sure to log out of the wifi when your not using it.

We traveled all over Europe with republic. Never used anything but wifi. Starbucks, hotels, etc. Worked perfect. We love republic!

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My experience is a bit different. Cruise ship based WiFi is generally satellite based. Satellite often introduces sufficient latency to make WiFi calling problematical. This would be less likely on a river cruise in Europe as opposed to being on the open ocean. Nevertheless, in port, WiFi calling should be just fine.

I’m not aware of a ship based cellular service that works with Republic activated phones. You are quite correct, that if one did find one, it would be very expensive.

There’s some additional details that might be of interest to @richardg.d0um6c linked here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

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