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I’m from a multilingual family. I love the premise of the Republic Anywhere, but can’t seem to send messages in Korean from PC. Japanese works, however. Can you add Korean language support for the PC version? Thanks.


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Hi @dongbins.swcqjf

I don’t know how to read or type in Korean but I did just get Republic Anywhere on my Windows 7 desktop to send and receive messages in Korean.:

Here’s how I did it:

I used Google Translate to translate an English sentence to Korean. I copied the Hangul output and pasted it into Anywhere. I sent that message to another Republic phone that is not running Anywhere. The message showed up on the other phone. On that phone I copied the message and then sent it back. The message did show up in Anywhere still in Hangul.

If you can create your messages in a word processing program in Hangul, you could try pasting them into Anywhere. I know it’s not the most elegant solution but it might help for now.

Please let us know if that works for you.



@dongbins.swcqjf @johnny5’s experience mirrors mine. Republic Anywhere doesn’t know any particular languages. If it is able to send one language that is unicode encoded (such as Japanese), Korean should also work. Can you tell us a little more about the failure that you’re seeing?

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I see how it works now.
When typing Korean on Republic Anywhere, the characters you type are not recognized as actually characters until you hit a spacebar (going through buffer). This is normally not the case for any other messenger I know, but I figured out how to do this properly now. I got the idea from your post when you said pasting characters work fine. I don’t know if the way I explained it makes sense, but I got how to do it.
Thanks Johnny5 and louisdl!

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Thanks for reporting back and letting us know you got this to work.

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