Using Republic phone in the Middle East

Does anyone know if a Moto X 1st Gen will work in Lebanon? I’m not sure if WiFi will be readily available there, so I thought I’d ask about cell service.

Hi @anneliser!

Will you be able to get cell service? No. However, you can still use Wi-Fi to send calls and texts to U.S. and Canadian numbers. If you need to call local middle Eastern numbers, there are third-party apps/services to communicate. For information on traveling with your Republic phone, see this excellent guide put together by @rolandh: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

Hope that helps!

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As @mb2x noted, there is no cell service outside the US.
Your phone will work on an unrestricted WiFi network to call US and Canada numbers. Google searches indicate that officially Lebanon has banned VoIP calling, but this ban is not uniformly implemented. So, for example, while Vonage doesn’t work, it’s been reported that Skype works.

So, you will just have to try it out and see if it works on WiFi. Maybe, if other members who might have traveled to Lebanon can chime in, you might get some real world feedback.

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