Using Republic Wireless signal as internet signal source for VOIP and Home Office


I live in a location where I can only obtain low level DSL internet signal from my local phone company. I’ve been wondering whether I could use my Republic Wireless cell phone signal source as my internet source, recognizing that I’d have to pay for the increased data use. Is this practical?


That is not what Republic service is for. RW is a wifi first and centered service, not a mobile or home wifi Internet service.
The max data you can buy is 15GB per month from Republic. Which is $90+taxes.
R.W also may flag your account for excessive usage if you continually use that much data.
You can find much better deals for a portable hotspot ,or a “unlimited” phone plan for a lower price from a regular carrier.

That being said, you can use your phone as a portable wifi hotspot with R.W, but depending on the phone, it can only support connecting up to 5 wifi devices in most cases.


all Republic non-beta phone can be used as a hot-spot (also called tethering)
for Legacy phone one needs to be on the 2.0 Refund Plan and would not be cost effective ($15 per GB used)
for Current 3.0 phone the cost is better (at $5 per GB) but Republic does have a low cap if trying to use as only source (15 GBs per month)
if it could be used for a 3rd party VOIP would depend on the quality of the Cell data connection


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