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I want to be able to receive notices of changes in bookings, if needed, from places in Portugal and Spain. I have signed up for Skype to Go to make calls but am not sure about receiving calls while abroad while not on the internet.


Skype needs internet to work, so you would need to be on Wifi, since RW does not offer any International service of any kind.
Information about using your RW phone aboard can be read here:

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When we go to Spain or Portugal I buy a local SIM for internet. After the setup which the phone store will gladly perform you’re good to go. In those two coutries the most popular method is to use What’sApp. After so many of our friends asked if I was on What’sApp I quickly learned it was their default way to video chat. After using it to chat to Canada and the States from Lisbon and Malaga I deleted my Skype account and left money on the table but it was worth it. I do not know how much more or less data is used with What’sApp vs. Skype. Skype has monthly plans and also so many cents per minute but typically video conversations, in my case, would have been pricey with Skype. The What’sApp text messages were free on WiFi but, of course, you’re paying for the data on the SIM. The perfect solution is to use your host’s guest WiFi + What’sApp.

If you’re reporting from a war zone Skype would be better but I think those reporters are using satellite phones $$$ paid for by the networks and setup in their operations base or their home.

Make sure you have something like Norton’s Mobile Security to check from time to time the security of the WiFi you’re using and to catch any malware, etc.

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From what I’ve seen What’sApp is popular in other western Europe countries too.

Just like What’sApp to What’sApp calls are free, Skype to Skype calls are also free. Skype only charges when you call Skype to a phone number. I use Skype to Skype calling to call home when I go to conferences. What’sApp and Skype both use cell data or WiFi as you mentioned.

I personally don’t think that anti-virus/malware software on Android are useful and can be a resource drain on your phone.

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