Using tethering as a primary internet connection

I am going to moving to a temporary apartment that does not have Wi-Fi. Because it is temporary (1-3 months), I don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up internet. I am considering using my Republic Wireless phone as a WiFi hotspot during this time. Until now, I have not had any data on my phone and am unfamiliar with data usage. I mainly use internet for email, Facebook, Pinterest, and Netflix (total internet use per day is probably about 3 hours). Just wondering if others thought that tethering would work and if how much data might be needed. I have a Moto E 2nd Generation phone. Thank you in advance!!!

If you’re willing to pay about $30-45 per day for internet access this should work perfectly. Basically, the answer is no, this isn’t a good plan. On the legacy phones, where you have to be on the Refund plans to use tethering, it is $15/GB. 2 hours of Netflix will run through at very least $30 of data. Not a practical plan.


The biggest user of data there in Netflix,
Is your home set up a TV?, Desktop? Or laptop?
If laptop go to a restaurant or library that has WiFi and download shows to watch offline later, or just do without for the 3 months your there[there was life before internet]

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