Using the Alcatel A30 (A576RW) in Europe with a local SIM


While I’ve read both this and this and it seems like the answer is “yes”, when I try to confirm GSM versus CDMA I don’t see the information under About Phone.

Is this particular model usable with a local SIM card in Europe?


The Alcatel A30 is a GSM phone only and should work in Europe


In case others should need to know how to make the determination, you’re looking in the wrong place. Please see here: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

Already capably answered by @drm186.


Thank you both for confirming that.

I’ve noticed that my phone has two sim slots.

Does that mean I can use my republic one simulatenously with the foreign/local service provider?

I will have access to wifi, and so it would be nice to be able to make and receive U.S. calls on my republic number as needed.

Or would I have to swap out the local sim for the republic one as I switch modes?


No. That phone does not have dual SIM slots.
Republic does not support any Dual SIM phones.

Perhaps you are referring to the Micro SD card slot.
That is for expanding the phones storage space.


Due to the OEM using the same since tray as a duel SIM version of a phone some 3.0 phones [though not the Alcatel A30] have a position for a second SIM but there is no hardware pins that would allow the second slot to work


True for certain Motos but not for the Alcatel A30 in my household. There is no SIM tray, just a single SIM slot on the back of the phone.


Ah, so it’s one logical sim port, with two possible form factors.

So if I want to use it in a mixed mode like I described, I must physically swpa out the sim cards, right?


Yes, alternating between local cellular service in Europe and Republic service on WiFi requires swapping SIMs.


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