Using Trend Micro Mobile Security power saving features

Trend Micro Mobile Security has some power saving features called Just-a-Phone and Smart Power Saver. These can be used to turn on or off 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and any running apps in order to save on battery power. It can do this based on a time frame such as between midnight and 7am or a battery threshold. The Smart Power Saver can turn on or off 3G/4G when in standby mode and turn on or off Wi-Fi if it cannot connect after a few minutes.

Is it okay for me to enable these features, especially with it turning on/off 3G/4G and Wi-Fi, or will that cause problems with the Republic Wireless app? From what I’ve read, the Republic Wireless app needs to have either Wi-Fi or cellular data always available in order to work correctly.

My guess is that I can use the Trend Micro power saving features as long as I turn off the ability for it to disable 3G/4G and Wi-Fi. This means that I can enable a portion of the Just-a-Phone feature (for Bluetooth and running apps) and disable the Smart Power Saver feature. However, if I can safely enable all of the power saving features, I would like to do that. The last thing I want is for these two apps to be fighting one another over whether the 3G/4G and/or Wi-Fi should be enabled or not.

BTW, I have a Nexus 5X if that matters.

Thanks for any help or advice you can provide.

when turning off WiFi (via an app or manual) you lose the VOIP part of the service if you have good cell service in your area you may be fine

turning off 3G/4G means you basically turning off the cell data connect and if on WiFi this is basically already done, if not on WiFi with 3.0 you will lose the ability to send and revive text (3.0 and any Republic Anywhere user text are IP based and needs a data channel to work)

another drawback of turning off 3G/4G is it will disable the bonded calling when making a WiFi call

republic officially wants the data channel to be left open in android settings (both Cell Data and Roaming Data) with the recommend way of turning off data being the republic app

you can always try it and see what effects you run across the info above is just some road blocks you may run into

Thanks for the info!

The Smart Power Saver feature does have an option “I still want to receive instant messages and email (3G/4G stays on)” so perhaps I could try checking that in order to be able to send/receive texts while on cellular service. If I’m on WiFi I think I should be OK.

I already ran into an issue where it had automatically switched to Just-a-Phone mode when I tried to use the phone within the time frame I had set. This caused me to be connected via cellular rather than WiFi. I had to manually re-enable WiFi. I then just set a later time frame for it to turn on Just-a-Phone mode.

I may experiment some more with this to see if I have any issues. I just didn’t want these power saving features to cause my cellular data to be used up when a perfectly good WiFi connection is available.

Thanks again.

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