Using Wifi at Disney World

I have a Moto G 3rd gen phone on old plan, just wireless. Anyone know if it will work at the Disney Parks in Orlando? What about cell coverage? My daughter has a Moto G plus 4th gen with data, so if you have first-hand experience with that instead, that helps, too.

Hi @betsyz.6ja6u8. Congrats on your upcoming trip to Disney World!

My wife & I go to Disney every couple of months, so I can definitely provide some insight for you.

The WiFi throughout the parks is pretty hit or miss - especially at Animal Kingdom. You will also see some issues during high traffic times - for example, during the fireworks at Magic Kingom or pretty much anytime right now at Epcot. The Food & Wine festival (which started today and runs through November 13) drives a pretty high volume of people into Epcot.

The WiFi will generally be good enough for things like the My Disney Experience app, light data usage, and text messaging on your Republic phone - but it likely won’t be good enough for phone calls.

The cellular coverage in the parks is pretty good, fortunately, so you should have cellular service nearly everywhere. Inside the Tree of Life being one exception I can think of off the top of my head. :laughing:


Map above is for GSM phones, the map below is for CDMA phones:

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My family has had very good experience at Disney World using republic wireless phones including Moto X both generations, Moto G3, Moto G4, and even Defy XT.
Mostly while standing in a line, and very helpful for checking on the Disney app for wait times, and keeping up with fast passes. I even had good WiFi connection when riding the people mover in Magic Kingdom and it stopped inside of Space Mountain.
Hopefully you will be having so much fun that you won’t have much time to be on your phone except to take pictures, check directions, update your fast passes, and keep up with each other.
Be sure to get your tickets ahead of time and pick those fast passes before you go. Enjoy!


Thanks, very good information! I plan to use the MDE app, text and take pictures, so I’m good to go. I’m relieved to hear that our phones will be adequate. Maybe I’ll even try ordering lunch with it!


Make sure you do the fast pass program the night before the rides.

Last year when we were at Disney Wold just before Hurricane Mathew hit, our RW 2.0 Moto G 3rd gen phone worked great in most of the parks. Animal Kingdom had spotty WiFi in places, but the phone switched between the cell network and the Disney WiFi without us having to do anything. We never missed a text of or a call when at the parks.

Now there is was one thing that we planned for and that was phone battery drain, my son’s RW phone got a lot of use waiting in the ride lines between the texting and a couple of online games him and his friends were playing his phone battery would be gone around 4pm, which I was ready for as I ordered a couple of Anker’s portable battery charger packs to plug in his phone into to keep the phone going into the night.

Overall with the size of Disney World I was very impressed with Disney’s WiFi network coverage. I can’t imagine how many WiFI AP’s they have. Hope you have a great time!

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They have places where you can charge your phone, too, right? I was wondering how that would work. Your idea sounds better. On the other hand, MY battery will be drained by 4:00, too! I’ll probably head back to the hotel to rest and recharge my phone then.

They do have places at all the parks to plug in your phone to recharge, but as you know your Moto G 3rd gen phone is slow to charge compared to the newer phones like your daughters Moto G 4 Plus, so the portable Anker battery chargers were a much better choice for us as we didn’t have to sit at a wall outlet waiting to recharge. (Just don’t forget to bring your charging cables to connect to the portable battery charger)

Another thing I did before our trip, I purchased extra data for the G3 phone to have if we needed to look up something when we were out or WiFi coverage, but as I found out there are lots of places that had WiFi and I only used about .85gb of data for the month and with the 2.0 refund plan I received my money back from the extra data I purchased after the next billing cycle ran. I really liked the 2.0 refund plan.

There are a couple recharging options, I stated above that I purchased a couple of Anker’s portable battery charging packs (Astro E1 6700mAh Portable Charger about $18 at Amazon)

Now option 2 which friends of ours ended up purchasing while at Disney is Disney’s Fuel Rod ( They spent about $30 for one Fuel Rod (Portable Battery charger like the Anker) What was nice about the Fuel Rod option (and they used it twice at the Magic Kingdom) if the you use up all the battery life in the Fuel Rod you can go to any of the Fuel Rod stations and they will swap out the one that you drained with a fully charged Fuel Rod at no additional cost (if it’s not damaged) plus you get to keep the Fuel Rod to take home with you after your Disney trip. I really have to give it to Disney they are very tuned into their customer needs.

I hope this help?

Once again have a great trip and enjoy Disney.

Thanks for all the advice. Everyone will want to have their own phone, so we’ll take turns looking stuff up and being official photographer. Better than having our family glued to screens the whole time! That should solve the battery problem, as well as make my job easier. I’m really looking forward to it!

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My family lives in the Orlando area, so I can assure you that Republic works great here. Go north, south, east, or west and you’ll still be fine. I haven’t been anywhere in Florida where I don’t have service. :slight_smile:

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