Using WiFi extender with extend home

I want to place my extend home box in a location with no internet connection. I can use a powerline setup, but my preference is to use the 10/100 port on a WiFi repeater. I borrowed one, and so far it appears to work fine. Before I purchase my own repeater, can anyone think of a reason why this won’t work in the long term? Seems like a “binary” (works/doesn’t work) thing to me, but I thought I’d check with the community. Thanks!

Hi @ceedee,

There’s no reason I’m able to come up with what you propose won’t work. I’ve connected my Extend Home via an Apple Airport Express configured as a WiFi Extender in the past. I’ve since moved to a mesh WiFi system, so am no longer doing so but had no issues when using the Airport Express as referenced.

I will say generally a wired connection is better. Depending upon how well a WiFi repeater picks up your router’s signal and your electrical wiring, Powerline might be more robust. Of course, an Ethernet cable run from the router would be best but is not a practical solution for many.


Thanks @rolandh! I agree with all your points. I do have an existing repeater (I stole it for the test) that is father away from the router than this would be, and is working fine. Powerline would be my backup strategy.

I’m going for it!


Quick update…
I installed the extender(TP-Link, $16 on Amazon), and have made and received “dozens” of calls with no issues. I am fortunate to have a strong signal, with no apparent interference. So, at this point, I think it works, and I recommend as an alternative to hard-wire (best), and powerline.

Of course, YMMV.


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