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I want to transfer my number to a new phone, but i am having troubles. The phone bought is from a 3rd party (Samsung Galaxy S6 G920T 64GB T-Mobile 4G LTE Smartphone w/ 16MP Camera - White Pearl) along with a Republic Wireless SIM card. However, even though that this phone is on the list is on Republic Wireless’ list of supported phones. i am getting it saying that it is not on the list. Is it possible for me to make this phone work and if not, why is this phone not compatible with Republic Wireless. Thank you.

please remember only some of the SM-G920T are the North American Factory Unlocked the rest are T-mobile Version that are not compatible with Republic


  • Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920T)*See more info below
    • (Apps → Settings → About device → Model number)
      *For the Samsung S6 phones only: In addition to matching the model number, you also need to match the build number. This additional step ensures that you’re receiving a Republic certified phone, meaning it’s been thoroughly tested by our engineers and has received updated quality improvements.

For Samsung Galaxy S6 (the T-Mobile branded version of this phone is not compatible with our service)

  • MMB29K.G920TUES5DPK1
  • MMB29K.G920TUES5DPI2
  • MMB29K.G920TUES4DPH2
  • MMB29K.G920TUEU4DPG2
  • MMB29K.G920TUES4DPF1
  • MMB29K.G920TUEU3DPD6

Hi @lukaso.jyfjfr,

I’m sorry to say the T-mobile branded version is not compatible with RW’s hybrid calling technology. It must be the North American unlock version with the following compatible build numbers. Can you return the phone to the third party?

Check compatibility without installing the app.


To find your phone’s model and build number, go to:

Apps -> Settings -> About device -> Model number -> Build Number

  • Compatible model number: SAMSUNG-SM-G920T
  • Compatible build numbers: MMB29K.G920TUES5DPK1, MMB29K.G920TUES5DPI2, MMB29K.G920TUES4DPH2, MMB29K.G920TUEU4DPG2, MMB29K.G920TUES4DPF1, MMB29K.G920TUEU3DPD6
  • Must be North America Unlocked version.
  • Special Note: The T-Mobile branded version is NOT compatible at this time.

It would help to list the build numbers with the SKU numbers that work on republic so we stop buying used phones that don’t work on republic. We aren’t here because we have a ton of money.

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It’s this reason I don’t recommend people try and bring there own S6 or J3 [and I wish Samsung didn’t reuse carrier model numbers for the North American Factory Unlocked models

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