Utility Tax when I live in a state that doesn't tax phone cases, etc


Why am I taxed on a phone charger, screen protector and phone case when if I bought those items in my state I would not be taxed?


which state are you in and are you sue these are taxed as a utility, Republic only charged sales tax when I add these to an order


My bill shows:

Ventev Dashport rq2300 Vehicle Charger $30.00

Utility Users Tax - Local $2.10

Moto G5 Plus (32GB) (Fine Gold) $229.00

Utility Users Tax - Local $16.03

SIM GSM $0.00

UPS 2nd Day Air Shipping $17.36

Gadget Guard Black Ice Glass Screen Protector For Moto G⁵ Plus $30.00

Utility Users Tax - Local $2.10

Incipio NGP Advanced Case For Moto G⁵ Plus (Black) $20.00

Utility Users Tax - Local $1.40

Sub Total $ 347.99

In Oregon, we do not have sales tax, so my total should be $326.36, which is $21.63 over. Who would I address this to?


Please open a help ticket

Billing department should be able to explain the charges or issue a refund, as appropriate.


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