Venmo + Republic Workaround

Hi everyone. Where there’s a will there’s a way. I finally figured out how to set up a Venmo account with a Republic phone. It’s quite a few hoops to jump through, but it is possible.

First, determine your phone’s underlying phone number as described here:

I have a Samsung phone, so I just installed SignalCheck Pro, got my underlying number and then uninstalled it within the 2-hour window for a full refund.

Use this underlying phone number to set up a Venmo account through their website. It will send a verification code by text to your underlying number, and you won’t be able to receive it, but don’t worry.

Follow the process under option 2 here:

Option 2: There is NO “I don’t have access to this phone” link, or you no longer have the information to confirm your identity.

  1. No worries, we can still help! (Note: it may take a 1-2 days to complete this process).

  2. Please contact our Support team and be sure to include the following information to expedite the process.

  3. Your full name.

  4. Email address and old phone number associated with your Venmo account.

  5. For a bank, the full routing number and last 4 digits of your bank account number. OR, if you’re providing a card, the first 6 digits and last 4 digits of the card number. Please do not provide the full card number or bank account number for your security.

Venmo support will contact you and eventually request a picture of your government-issued ID. I just snapped a picture of my driver’s license and sent it to the link they provided. Then you will receive a 6-digit code (valid for 7 days) that you can use to verify your Venmo account.

Follow these steps (courtesy Venmo customer support): (The trick is, you first need to download the Venmo app on your phone. Then, follow these steps ON THE APP.)

  1. Log in to your Venmo account as normal (using your email address, username, or phone number associated with your Venmo account)

  2. Enter your current Venmo account password

  3. On the next screen, it may show that you are using a “new device”

  4. Even though you have received our code via email, press the “Send Code” button anyways (even if it’s sent to your old number)

  5. On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to enter the 6-digit code that we sent you via email

  6. Enter in the 6-digit code from your inbox

Using this process, I was able to successfully set up and access a Venmo account on my Republic phone.



Thanks for writing this up for the Community @connorm.tsilka !

I’m going to move it to the Tips & Tricks area so others can find it :slight_smile:


Thank you, @connorm.tsilka! I had been frustrated recently when a friend requested a contribution via Venmo, and was stopped by Venmo’s “not on a VoIP phone” practice.

Re-reading your post I want to make sure I didn’t miss something. And clarify for anyone else reading this. Your process got the Venmo app to work on your RW phone, but you did NOT accomplish using your RW phone number with Venmo – did you?

My process with Venmo to verify my identity and bank connection went a bit differently than yours. I entered my bank info, then Venmo deposited and debited a couple small transactions the following day. Subsequently trying to send money to a friend, I have been repeatedly asked in the Venmo app to use a “verified” phone number which should receive confirmation codes. Trying to enter my RW number at this stage, or changing my initial “registration” phone number to my RW number, results in errors.

So @connorm.tsilka - have you successfully sent or received money via Venmo? Through the app on your phone, or otherwise? Related: have you gotten Venmo to connect with your RW phone number as your “registered” phone?


Brief update: As Connor @connorm.tsilka shared, it was possible to get the Venmo app installed on my RW phone and, using the Venmo website, get an account set up and connected with my bank account.

I even received a token test payment from a friend into my Venmo account, and requested that it be transferred into my bank account. BUT: when trying to SEND money the app insists on a verified mobile phone number. Part of replies to my attempts to send money: “Due to security upgrades, you need a verified phone number to send payments or payment requests.”

So I am hoping Connor or someone else knows the way around this!


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