Verge article says Dish is buying Republic wireless

I hope they don’t try to force people to use 5g data and higher cost.

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Hard to know what will happen in the long term. After DISH purchased Ting their plans became more competitive. Republic already has 5G if you have a capable phone and live in a 5G enabled area.

Hi @airart and welcome to the community. I can’t say what will happen with Republic plans, but generally economies of scale after purchases like this, and in this case Dish’s “special” status because of their acquisition of Boost, is likely to drive prices down, not up.

As far as 5G goes, eventually we’ll all be “forced” to move to 5G. As 2G was discontinued, and 3G is being discontinued, at some point years down the road 4G will be discontinued. There is nothing inherent in 5G that would make it more expensive though. In fact, 5G is more effective at using spectrum which actually makes carriers more efficient at using the very expensive spectrum they own which in theory lowers costs.

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I’m retired and tend to use laptops and tablets for most internet and data use and i’m usually on wifi or just a few minutes from a wifi source. Home wifi is working well and Panera bread here has 60 mb download. The phone is mainly just for phone calls. There are a couple reports that 5g is harder on battery.

Yeah, both Verizon and T-Mobile recently advised customers to turn 5G off on their phones to preserve battery life. 5G is a work in progress but is the future cellular standard.

Interesting. I have 5G on on my Note 20, and it is largely connected to cellular networks all day, and my entire area is 5G, and my battery life is great.

Tell that to Verizon and T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s guidance went as far as to suggest turning off LTE also. :joy:

I’m going to just put in airplane mode, that’ll be even better.

That’s a great way to take care of the spam calls and texts :crazy_face:

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Outstanding. Two fixes for the price of one.

Maybe we’ll get a SlingTV bundle with RW…

Since I pay for both, that would be awesome!

After you read the article referenced, then answer the questions.

  1. Sprint’s voice CDMA network will be shutting down on or around January 1, 2022. How does this affect my CDMA Moto E?
  2. RW is only 200,000 customers. Ting is 271,700 customers. Boost is 9,000,000 customers. Will RW customers get smashed, dropped, fired, letgo, forced to switch, etc?
  3. Will service go up or down?
  4. Will customer service get worse or better?
  5. Will monthly bills be increased? or are they grandfathered?

Fiercewireless Article on Dish buying RW

Keeping in mind, this is pure opinion and speculation:

Answering this question requires knowing the generation of the Moto E in question. Is this an older 1st or 2nd generation Moto E using a grandfathered plan? Or, is it a newer generation Moto E using a My Choice plan?

Indications are DISH intends to keep the brands separate. One might think of it like the old GM where there was Cadillac, Chevrolet, Pontiac, etc.

Are you asking about network service? DISH has a seven-year agreement for use of T-Mobile’s network while intending to build out its own 5G network.

That’s among the $64,000 questions. In all candor, DISH doesn’t have a great customer service reputation. On the other hand, customer support at Ting seems relatively unchanged seven months after being acquired by DISH. Like Republic, Ting has an excellent reputation for customer service and support.

Nothing will change in the short run. Over time, depending upon one’s use case, price might very well come down.

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In your list you should add that Dish said will Market the relay system also.

My understanding is Relay is not included in the proposed sale to DISH. Relay will remain an independent enterprise as it more or less is today. While Relay is a division of Republic Wireless the company, it operates separately from Republic’s mobile phone service with its own support and marketing structures.

Relay will be a wholesale customer of DISH’s forthcoming 5G network as it is a wholesale customer of T-Mobile’s today.

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Republic Wireless acquisition will turn the carrier’s existing Relay division into a vital tool for Dish’s telecom push. Dish says Relay will continue to be a standalone business, but it will also become a customer of the network’s 5G division.

I’m not overly concerned with what DISH says my friend. Yes, Relay will be DISH’s customer but DISH will not own Relay.

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My main concern is the great service we have now might go away. I love the people at RW and hate to see them replaced.

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