Verge article says Dish is buying Republic wireless

New ownership does not necessarily mean bad things. I’ve been the part of numerous acquisitions (on both sides) and in some cases companies come out stronger and better able to serve their customers. Who knows, if much of the Republic staff is left in place but with their pockets stuffed with that sweet sweet Dish cash, things could drastically improve!

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Frankly, skepticism is warranted. DISH does not enjoy a reputation for providing the type of relatively high-touch service and support Republic does.

I’m loyal to Republic in part because of the folks I’ve interacted with in this Community and when appropriate via support channels. For me, it’s part of Republic’s value proposition. I’m more than prepared to give DISH an opportunity but they will need to earn my loyalty.


In case you thought I was saying anything different than that, I’ll quote myself, with empasis added:

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Well, that took me by surprise.

Seems Dish will be taking over the management of RW or at least Chris is no longer leading the ship here. From what I saw on the Ting transition with the sim card charade and the issue of their online system not taking payments from credit cards, I think this is not looking good for RW.

I was thinking of leaving RW soon but now, I will probably leave in the next month.

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Its kind of obvious. RW getting acquired by some compoany is inevitable. And I’m happy for the insiders. They put the effort into building the reputation and they are about to get a pay out.

I’m curious how this effects us. DISH would have to make the plans better if they want to retain users. There is enough room for that kind of stuff. I’m not seeing the acquisition as a negative right now. We’ll see what kind of changes they make.

I’m curious how much they sold for?


No immediate changes means there will be changes…


Ting’s plans got more attractive and my personal experience is that their support remains as good as it has historically been. The “sim card charade” I believe you’re referring to was related to them adding Verizon as another network partner which was planned long before the Dish acquisition.


Since Republic is a private company and Dish has over $15b of annual revenue, likely making the Republic acquisition fall under the materialness threshold that would require detailed reporting, my guess is we’ll never know.

We could take a back of the envelope math. Dish bought Boost’s 9m or so subscribers, brand, etc for $1.4b. If we were to assume that Dish and Republic customers have about the same ARPU and we assume that Republic’s patents and such carry no value, then a simple ratio would land at about $31m. That said, that’s a lot of assumptions.


We have two phones, Moto E1 and E2 on grandfathered refund plan. So CDMA only phones.!? So will the Moto E1 and/or E2 die after Jan 1, 2022? or is that LTE going to carry the Moto E2?

Yes. It’s end has been fast approaching no matter what happened or didn’t with Republic. Republic is actually one of the very last places (along with now Dish’s Boost brand) that still has CDMA only phones active and Republic is one of even fewer places that still allows them to be activated.

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A big, actually huge, question for me is whether RW will continue to be a VOIP first company. Our phone numbers being VOIP/landline numbers makes it easy for RW to offer the Extend Home service which is one of the reasons I like RW so much. We like having a “land line” which Extend Home provides at no additional cost. I’d have to go back to OOMA if they drop it.

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and that a question I don’t think anyone can answer yet,
this was just announce and still needs FCC approval (which is a normal thing for any acquisition in the industry)

in the short term thing will be the same as it is now,
until the details of how this post acquisition looks is announce we all all in the dark

as someone who been through multiple acquisitions/mergers (in a different industry) this could be good and/or bad for us customer (or the currently employees and contracted services) but only time will tell but right now it’s too soon


I too actually like the fact Republic uses VoIP (and Extend Home also). I am not suggesting I know what the future will bring, however, replicating something like Extend Home even if Republic numbers were to be housed directly on the cellular network is far from impossible. Verizon Wireless offers today a business focused service that shares the same number between a cellular and IP phone.

Depending upon one’s use case, Ooma can be a fine choice. It is, however, far from the only option. My road to Republic essentially started with RingTo (Republic’s former VoIP sister service at Bandwidth).

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I actually didn’t expect immediate changes or an answer now. I just felt that we should add this to the conversation.

So, I’m not panicking for now but reserve the right to panic later. :upside_down_face:


You can bet when a huge conglomerate takes over a smaller company that prices will go up and service will go down. It is a crying shame that Republic is going to be acquired by dish.


Any serious person would agree this is sadly often the case.

Still, for an idea of what future Republic plans might look like, one might take a look at Ting’s website. The plans there now are a direct result of DISH’s previous acquisition of Ting Mobile and arguably more market competitive than those offered by Ting prior to its acquisition by DISH.

On service and support, Ting like Republic has a reputation for being excellent. So far, after seven months, the same folks providing service and support to Ting’s customers before the acquisition continue to do so after.

From the for what it’s worth department, DISH reached outside of its own operation and brought in a wireless industry veteran to lead Ting. According to multiple press releases I’ve seen, that same industry veteran would be leading Republic after a DISH acquisition.

I have to admit empathizing with your sentiment. DISH comes from the pay TV industry. Generally, the pay TV industry has a lousy reputation for pricing, service and support. Few customers love their pay TV company and many loathe it. On the other hand the wireless industry is far more competitive than the pay TV industry. I like to think DISH’s recruitment of wireless industry veterans is a sign they recognize the pay TV approach in wireless just won’t work. If DISH is smart, they’ll look at Republic’s (and Ting’s) talent learn and, hopefully, recruit.

My bottom line remains the same. So long as I’m satisfied with the value proposition offered to me by Republic, I’ll stick around. If a DISH owned Republic continues to offer me sufficient value, I’ll still be a customer. DISH, however, has to demonstrate in word and deed that will be the case. I will give DISH the opportunity to convince me. If it doesn’t work out for me, I’ll go elsewhere.

I’ll end by noting household members are customers of both Republic and Ting. Other than the new plans introduced at Ting after the DISH acquisition, there have been no dramatic changes to date. I’m expecting the same to be true of Republic in the short to medium term.


For now, all I’m doing is stopping the auto renew on my annual plan. I’ll evaluate in June, when it’s due. I’m not thrilled, but we’ll wait and see. Long time beta member here.


Thank you. That offers some reassurance. I just love Republic!

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Definitely time to shop elsewhere.

As a beta member, who has watch the story change over the years, there’s not much left and there’s other companies who offer similar or better deals.

Now it’s going to be Just Another Big Company.


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