Verify old number with a text? Old phone doesn't work!

My new Moto G4 Plus is asking to verify my number by sending a text to my old phone. Well, my old phone is a brick - won’t boot up, which is why I have the new phone. Please advise…

You can probably get around this from your PC:

Sign in from a trusted computer

If you’ve previously signed in from a computer and checked that the computer should remember you, you might be able to sign in from that computer without a verification code. Once you’re in your account, you can turn off 2-Step Verification until you can again get verification codes.

Are you planning on using your old number on your new phone? You can always skip the Google sign in for now and continue on with the Republic set up. With your old number on your new phone, you can get into your account to edit the 2 factor authentication settings and get some backup methods set up.

You can either sign in to your account later or reset the phone again to start from the setup wizard.

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