Verify RW (T-Mobile) Cell Signal

Hi: Just got a RW SIM for my Moto X Pure phone. Am trying to verify I can receive a cell tower signal before purchasing a plan. After inserting SIM, see “Emergency Calls Only” and no bars. Even OpenSignal shows no GSM signal. Must I first have a plan (and thus a phone number) to activate the account in order to verify the phone has access to the cell network?


Bill H.

Did you consult the map?

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

Certainly at this point your phone will not activate with T-Mobile.

Did you order the SIM card from RW or from Amazon?

If you go to this page

Top Android Smartphones, payment plans optional | Republic Wireless

and punch in your zip code it will show you a list of phones compatible with the coverage in your area.

If this is the full list of phones…then you have good GSM coverage…if it omits the list of phones that are

GSM only…then you don’t have good GSM coverage in your area.

Unless you are considering returning the SIM card if the coverage isn’t good… I think going through with activation

is perhaps the most sure-shot way of verifying the coverage in your area. With the 14-day Money Back Guarantee

if you cancel service within that time, you will be refunded any plan fees you are charged at activation. The SIM card does deactivate once you cancel service and so is not returnable.

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