Verizon ending CDMA support

What phone do you have? Moto G 1st gen

What plan are you on? WiFi and Cell Talk and Text

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Around June 14th Verizon wireless started shutting off CDMA 3g radio here so now im just stuck on WiFi. It went quick apparently because I get no service at all when VZW phones have no issue. The company phone I have was experiencing LTE issues and they replaced my SIM card around the same time this dead zone started happening. I travel all over the state of Michigan. We get terrible Sprint reception here so having VZW coverage was key to the success of our partnership. The MOTO G is a rock solid phone. I had to get rid of it but I think its time to upgrade to LTE. I am having a hard time trying to move on to a more expensive RW phone just to find out you are no longer supporting VZW coverage. VZW dominates this region and one of the reasons I cannot stand them. They will not get a dime of my money if I can help it. You guys were the reason I still have the same phone after 4 years. My family and I go dormant from time to time and they all they know is my number. I dont have facebook or other social media and they are all old skool so they call me. I just need to know if you still have coverage here.

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Not sure quite what you’re asking. Yes, Verizon is turning off CDMA coverage throughout the country as we speak, with the goal to be completely done by the end of 2019. If neither T-Mobile nor Sprint has decent native coverage where you are, then the answer is simply that Republic isn’t the right choice for service there, I’m afraid.

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I went through this same issue a few months back and louisdi is correct. I opened up a Help Ticket and the Republic Wireless customer service people and eventually technical engineers worked with me and came to this conclusion. Lucky for me T-Mobile has built out their network here in the West. I get service in most of the old roaming area from a refurbished Moto E4 from Republic Wireless now on the GSM sim. (This will only work for you if T-Mobile has built out coverage where you are.) What I’ve read on the interweb is that Sprint will discontinue CDNA in few years so both RW Plans 1.0 and 2.0 and the phones will be (almost (see below)) obsolete. The newer phones that have voice over LTE may still work on a RW CDMA sim on the RW 4.0 Plan which maybe your simplest solution if Verizion lets Sprint roam onto their LTE network. Since the T-Mobile coverage area works pretty good for me I haven’t tried the RW CDMA sim in the Moto E4 to test that.

You might consider this idea. Since I can’t button my shirt pockets over the new bigger phone I’m considering keeping my Moto G on RW Plan 1.0 “Wi-Fi only” and using a LTE hot spot from Net 10 or Straight Talk with the Verizon sim in it. You’d still be on RW. not have to buy a new phone, and not giving money directly to your hated foe Verizon for a lot less than Verizion charges for the coverage area you need. U.S. Cellular also has hot spots that may work for you. Obviously you will then need shirts with two pockets but life is full of compromises.

I’ve become somewhat attached to my Moto G after 5 years of flawless service so i still use it to download audio-books from the library to listen to by Bluetooth. Hope this helps or you may figure out something else that works for you and will share that with the rest of us.

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Hi @ericd.zug5xp,

I took a look at where “here” is for you, and I’m sorry to say that if roaming has stopped working for you, it is probably time for you to look for another cellular provider. :crying_cat_face:

It does not appear that either of our cellular partners has coverage in your area., and as we have no control over their roaming agreements, we can’t force your phone to roam.

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Does that mean that this won’t work?

Last I’d heard LTE roaming wasn’t part of what Sprint offered their MVNOs. That being said, only Republic could confirm if they have access to Sprint’s LTE roaming or not.


There is no way for us to know what roaming agreements Sprint and Verizon have made. Since your coverage with both of our cellular partners is pretty much next to nothing, I would not try to pin hopes on such an unknown.

I’m certain some of our Community members could suggest some options if you’re determined not to move to Verizon. You mentioned the entire state of Michigan, but is there one area in particular that you spend most of your time in?

It seems one of your top concerns was keeping your same number, and there’s really only one carrier who makes that difficult (Cricket), so even if you do have to leave us, keeping your number doesn’t need to be reason to worry.

Thanks for the post. I was wondering why my service was failing after years of great service. I also live in a verizon dominate area. I had to hear we are loosing CDMA.

Y’all telling me the change service providers. It works just fine on WiFi for now. I used to get 75 to 80% WiFi because i’m an old hermit. I get random Sprint coverage where I travel so it’s worth the 10 dollars a month I pay. I just wanted to know if any of your LTE devices roam on verizon. If it does, I will eventually buy an LTE device. This motorola has been the best phone I ever had. Its a phone and did what it was supposed to. I remember paying almost $100 a month for a smart phone that froze up, crashed, had limited 4g LTE(even with full signal, intermittent connection issues) for a bill every month. They were the stingiest most non-customer oriented money hungry company I ever dealt business with. You better pay them or be shut off from the digital world. The only reason they have dominated coverage because they bought out the largest rural provider Alltel. They had more sites out in American country side than any other cellular provider and the stingy big corp bought them out. I still think as long as this old moto works, I will fork out the 12.0whatever a month to have my number still. Thanks for great service.

Its funny to know that my mate has a sprint LTE Iphone and gets horrible service here. No data, holds his voicemails ransom for months, along with text messages. what are these people doing with our texts. He gets full reception here in the house just Extended 1x is what he gets and stingy ■■■■ data. Like 25mb and you’re done. We were both out in the middle of nowhere getting stuck in a sand pit thought we were both done for and my moto G had a bar of sprint service when his sprint Iphone had nothing. I called a friend to come pull us out so I was thankful of that event.

A friend of mine has an old CDMA iphone 4s and gets full reception where my CDMA phone will not. They are starting the rollout of limiting roaming CDMA as far as I know in Northern Michigan anyways.

Sprint is allowed here with minimal service. Reception is full service but Extended network or extended 3g or 1x which ever it prefers to give you. I think this is to irritate you so much that you just give in and buy into verizon. This is how they ■■■■ you in. Either take over your contract that you had with someone else and jack up the price, or make your service so miserable you have to switch, thats their policy. So, what makes this really irritating is when you want to look up a map of somewhere in case you are lost. Your phone sends a packet that Verizon will then put into prioritization like 999999999999. so next year sometime your phone will receive the get go on if its correct data, or any data at all to give you at least some error that you are not connected to the internet…no, it just freezes up your maps app, or your browser, or pandora forever. Keeping your app in a loop waiting for data that verizon just purposely sends you the wait command over and over again “prioritizing” your data. You then have to restart your phone several times and then just dont use anything when you arent on wifi. I still dont get the creepy holding your voicemails hostage for weeks to months.

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