Verizon Get More Unlimited with a Republic Phone for travel in the West?

Hi, we are very happy Republic customers but we are planning to camp throughout UT, MT, WY, ND, and SD this summer and need a reliable internet Hot Spot.

We have heard that Verizon offers the best coverage in the West. They have a “Get More Unlimited” plan for $100/mo for 30GB.

Our plan is to buy a phone from Republic, put in the Verizon SIM card and use the Get More access to make sure we have internet access during our trip.

My husband needs a new phone anyway so once our trip is finished we would swap out the Verizon card, put in the Republic card and he would be back in business with a new phone on the Republic network (again, we are very happy customers!)

Has anyone tried this? Any tips? Thanks!

Most of our camping has been in the Eastern U.S. and occasionally in areas with limited cellular service. My wife has a RW phone with CDMA (Sprint) and my RW phone is GSM (T-mobile). Usually at least one of our phones gets a signal, and can become a hotspot for the other phone if needed. In addition to that, we have a Straighttalk mobile hotspot that uses the Verizon network. It pretty much works anywhere so if neither of our RW phones has a signal, we turn it on and have internet. The Straighttalk hotspot runs around $40 for 4GB good for 60 days. That’s kind of expensive now, and the unit is about 4 years old, but still gives us 4G/LTE when we need it. At some point I will drop the hotspot plan because the RW service (with 2 carriers) has been getting better and better. But I probably won’t know for sure until we camp in the states you listed.

You need to map out where you think you will camp before you do anything else. I have lived in some of those states, and spent a lot of time in others, all with RW. There are tremendous amounts of space with no coverage of any kind, for anyone. There are other places that have great coverage due to oil and gas activity. The provider for these places will vary. All of these places are popular for tourists/campers/explorers.

If access to internet is that important, you will need to camp accordingly and may find that service through RW will work. I do know that there is no Sprint tower in MT.

To help you map out your areas of travel/interest, as outlined by @highest_vision,
you might want to take a look at this app:
RootMetrics -Mobile

  • Online search
    • Search one of your way points, then select the Network (T-Nobile GSM or Sprint - CDMA) for RW Coverage or Verizon for your hot spot alternative

They builds their maps by driving the routes in an auto and gathering data from multiple phones and carriers. This data is then analyzed and you can see what the actual results were (as well as the number of data points available) … this is then augmented by users who use their app on their phones
Here is an example, and each cell provides the number of measurements taken/used, I feel this is far superior to the standard carrier provided maps.

I personally find the RootMetrics data generally lacking in the less traveled areas. As it is created by driving routes and users, by nature the more remote locations tend to have A LOT less data making them, in my experience, less reliable than even the carrier maps.

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