Verizon Moto e4...attempting to unlock


Purchased a Verizon Moto e4 phone xt1767 and wanted to unlock it for use with Republic. Purchased SIM card from republic, inserted the card, purchased unlock code and entered it upon startup. Unsure whether phone ever stated “unlock successful” or not. Went through startup process. Downloaded RW app and attempted to setup for calling. Error message displayed says “unsupported phone.” While I understand the phone would be unsupported as a phone locked to a specific carrier (Verizon), I it’s truly unlocked, shouldn’t it work on RW? Where did I go wrong, and is there anything I can do to use this phone with RW. I am a novice to all this phone locking/unlocking business and have not had a good experience on this first attempt! Any help and/or instructions would be appreciated. Please don’t leave any self righteous feedback such as “should’ve bought phone from RW,” or “shouldn’t try the backdoor,” etc. I’m trying to save a little money like the rest of you this Christmas season :grinning:. Any help would be sooooooo appreciated! A little girl’s gift depends on it!!! Thank you!!!


I’m afraid that no matter what you do, the phone won’t work with Republic. Republic supports ONLY factory unlocked phones. Verizon modifies the OS and these modifications can make the phone fail to work properly with Republic, therefore, only those phones that are unmodified by a carrier, work with Republic.

For the e4 that’s model XT1768. (Full list of compatible Republic phones here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help


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