Verizon Prepay Moto g4 play

Can the Verizon Prepay Moto g4 play be used on the republic wireless network? If so, how do I go about using it? I know Verizon is CDMA…will this work w/ RW? Thanks , CK

the Verizon model (XT-1609) is not an approved version on the Moto G4 as only the US regional Factory unlocked model is approved


  • Moto G4 (XT1625)
    • (Apps → Settings → About phone → Hardware information → SKU)

Hi @channingk,

Beyond the fact that the Verizon prepaid branded Moto G4 Play isn’t approved by Republic, there are other reasons it just wouldn’t work:

  1. Carrier branded prepaid phones are sold at attractive prices because the carrier whose brand the phone carries is subsidizing the price of the phone. These carriers recoup that subsidy by requiring use of the phone with their service for a period of time (typically six months to a year) before the phone may be used on any other network.
  2. The Verizon prepaid branded Moto G4 Play lacks LTE hardware compatibility with either of Republic’s cellular partners. Even if allowed to activate, it would be crippled on Republic’s network (limited to 2G and 3G).
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