Verizon teams up with Amazon. Not as good as Extend Home but nice

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Google Home can do this, but only if you have phone service through Telstra in Australia. I wish they’d link it up with Google Voice (GV currently only works for outgoing calls).

We use it for outbound with GV and it works great. With all the spam calls we get, I’m not sure I’d want Alexa bothering me every time a call comes in. Maybe there’s a way I could say, “Alexa, sounds like spam. Deal with it!” Then, if it’s not, she might say something like, “David, it’s not spam. It’s your sister,” after which I’d say, “Alexa, tell her that I’ll call her back in an hour.” Then, an hour later, Alexa would remind me to do so. Full, personal auto-attendant. :slight_smile:

From Verizon’s FAQ at :Number Share - Home FAQs | Verizon

As is typical for Verizon, it’s for postpaid plans only.

I think it’s far more likely, Google would bring something like this to Google Fi than the free version of Google Voice. Google would first have to admit the free version of Google Voice is an interconnected VoIP service and provide 911. There is the paid version of Google Voice available to Google Workspace accounts, which already supports 911 and IP devices.

While I’m not personally all that excited about Alexa, depending upon the contractual arrangements, it might be possible for DISH or others to reach their own deals with Amazon.

Not necessarily. Google Home/Nest already supports 911 calls. Fi and Google Voice are both supported for outbound calls.

Does Google Home/Nest support 911 without a Nest Aware subscription?

Not currently.

So, the current reality, then is one can already do what the Verizon/Amazon partnership does with Google Home/Nest speakers and Google Voice if willing to pay for a Nest Aware subscription. The pricing is similar $6/month as opposed to $5/month. If one has additional Nest devices, particularly those that record video, Nest Aware is arguably the better value.

I do not see Google adding the capability to free Google Voice and without 911 support.

The difference is that you can’t receive incoming calls on a Google Home/Nest speaker…except for Duo calls:

Ah, thank you for the clarification. I thought, perhaps, with a Nest Aware subscription inbound calls as well as 911 were supported. Still, I won’t be switching to Verizon postpaid for this functionality nor do I see Google adding it to free Google Voice. Maybe Google will add it to its paid Nest Aware subscription?