Verizon users can't send, receive texts to and from me

Has anyone ever had an issue where specifically Verizon could not text their RW number or receive their texts?
I ported my number from google fi on Feb 2 and have had problems with sending and receiving Verizon ever since. Calling is not affected. I’m using Android Messages on a Samsung Galaxy S8. I’ve tried clearing the app data, wiping the cache partition, removing and reinserting the SIM, uninstalling and reinstalling both Republic and Messages… I’m really at my wits end and it’s not ok that I can’t talk to Verizon phones, I know a lot of people who haven’t seen the light yet and I still want to be able to text them.

Given what you’ve already tried this is something that support is going to have to look in to for you. It’s likely something they’ll have to fix as it appears to be some sort of routing issue, likely due to something not quite right with the port. Open a ticket and let them know what’s going on so that they can get it fixed!

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I have opened a ticket I was just wondering if anyone else had ever experienced this

From time to time, we do see similar experiences. When it involves one specific carrier and only that carrier, it generally is a routing issue. It’s possible Verizon is still routing your text messages to Fi. Verizon may just be lagging on this but if text messages originating on carriers other than Verizon are reaching your phone and particularly if your port from Fi completed more than 72 hours ago, asking Republic to take a look is the logical place to start.

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Thank you hopefully republic can get it fixed soon. I thought all my friends were ignoring me. Not a great feeling

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