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I am one of the original xt557 beta plan Republic subscribers. I am quite satisfied with my phone with the exception that my phone is incompatible with some current apps. I have learned that it is possible to upgrade the xt557 from gingerbread to kit kat. Is anyone familiar with this conversion?. Can it be done on a Republic Phone.? thank you in advance for any assistance.


I’m not sure where you saw an upgrade for the Defy, but that phone was abandoned on Gingerbread by Motorola (which is why they offered generous upgrade incentives when they did). There may be 3rd party builds of the OS that are further than that (maybe?) but such an official build won’t be compatible with Republic.


If you upgrade the ROM, you’ll be losing the RW modifications and your phone will stop working with RW.


Thank you for your responses. There is a third party build which does not require upgrade. And it works. For those that are interested I am supplying the YouTube video link It is a shame to hear that such a build would not be supported by Republic. Especially in this case where it would have cost Republic nathing. and it would have demonstrated that Republic stood behind its clientele


The beta phone Defy and legacy phones had a custom ROM that enabled Republic’s WiFi first /cell backup, [native access to need functions in Android did not happen untill version 6.0 marshmallow came out, ]
It;s not republic is choosing not to support it but the fact the 3rd party ROM is just not compatible with Republic

edit to add
the Defy was under spec in 2012 when launched although it may run KitKat it would not do it very well or have much space left for other apps (it only has 1 GB of on board storage (and Kitkat does not allow using the SD card to store apps )


It actually would cost Republic a lot. Without the custom OS build the phone will not connect to the Republic systems, instead sending everything via the carrier partner. This would be of significant expense to Republic.


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