Very confused/unhappy by the changeover

I’ve heard basically nothing from RW about the change and how it will affect me. Except for the notice last month about the store being closed, there’s been no communication from RW.

Now, I see the new plans, but I’m not sure how they affect me. Am I grandfathered on my current plan? Are the new plans regular cell and not WiFi? Will my current plan become regular cell or will it remain the current cell/wifi hybrid? And what exactly is the cost of a new plan? Is the single line Talk/Text/1 GB data (what I have now) $20 or $25 (the wording is vague).

Anyway, I’m about ready to bail. I love the community here, I love the ambassador team, but this change has been seriously botched.


Hi @johng.6r5jad ,

Are you in immediate need of replacing a phone?

We’re currently in a “soft re-opening” phase, as we still have some changes and growing pains to work through before we’re ready to start encouraging all of our members to move to the new plans.

Right now it’s a pretty difficult process to move from a legacy plan to 5.0. But we’re working on smoothing out the speedbumps to make it a lot easier for you and the rest of our existing members.

We also know it’s a very busy time of the year, where many of our members are traveling, shopping, and celebrating the holidays Not to mention, their inboxes are stuffed with e-mail from every company trying to get their share of as much holiday spending as possible. (Seriously, nationwide-florist-I-won’t-name, I ordered flowers one time from you in my entire life, I think three e-mails a day is a bit too much.) We are concerned that sending important info about our new plans would just get lost in the noise right now.

We’ll be contacting all of our members early in the new year with news and information about our 5.0 plans. If you need to upgrade before then, our Community and Help Team are prepared to assist you. If you don’t have an urgent need, we’d love for you to hang on so we can finish working out the kinks, and so you can have a much easier time with your upgrade once the holidays have passed.


I’ll add that you are definitely grandfathered in to your My Choice plan. You could even upgrade your phone to another one that is 4.0 capable as long as you’re on GSM (all that’s needed is moving the SIM to the new phone). If you’re on CDMA, unfortunately no phone change is possible without moving to 5.0.

Thanks. At this point it’s mostly confusion/concern about the lack of any word from RW about what changes are planned and how those will affect me.

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I am very frustrated because I am on CDMA and it has started not working. This has happened to my multiple times over the years with Republic and I always just go with the flow. Now I am being told I must switch to a new plan and it’s not an easy process…so my phone isn’t working correctly and I am stuck with a decision to make. I have a feeling we will just leave and go with a big box carrier. I am tired of being loyal to Republic and now being treated like this.


SIM cards can’t be moved from one CDMA phone to another, and it’s unfortunately no longer possible for Republic to activate any My Choice SIM. I understand that changing their system over to 5.0 caused that. It’s understandably bad for those on CDMA who need to change phones, especially before an easy switch from 4.0 to 5.0 is possible.

Hi @johng.6r5jad :slight_smile:

I hope I can put your mind at ease by removing some of your concerns.

Yes, as excellently pointed out by @larc919

Yes, the new plans have regular cell numbers not a VoiP number.

If you do nothing, nothing changes with your current plan.
If you move to a new plan, it will use the common WiFi calling technology most carriers use and is cell first. (Republic My Choice is WiFi first). Your number would become a regular cell number at that point.

$20 on the single line new plan with included 1GB. (Still $5 per extra GB’s) :slight_smile:
(Just note that AT&T will be the carrier for the new plans)

Thanks for the nice words for the Ambassadors and team of experts :blush:
It has been a little like replacing the running engine of an airplane in flight for them around here.

I hope you stick around but I understand if you need to go.


I understand your frustration but with regards to CDMA, Republic does not deserve your ire for that. They have no choice in the matter, as CDMA networks are being retired by all the major carriers.
If anything, you are among the last to be moved from the legacy CDMA network.

My wife is on AT&T (which has its own issues where I am) and while they did alert us to the shutdown, they moved up the date at one point. In addition, even though her phone was technically capable of working on the new network, it was not among their blessed list of (mostly newer) phones so we ended up having to buy another one even though hers was older (she had it for 4 years and it was released in 2016) but functioned fine. To their credit, they did send a phone but it was a $30 (retail) phone and was absolute trash (obv at that price).
Long boring story but no matter what provider you are with, be it an MVNO like Republic or otherwise, CDMA is day-old bread and its time is nearly over.

I disagree. I posted an opinion in the main thread about the new plans stating that all users with CDMA sims should be notified that they would have to change sims before the new plans went live if they want to stay on my choice beyond the middle of next year. My comment was met with a defensive response by another ambassador who shall remain nameless. Republics stance was that people with CDMA sims would be presented with options as the CDMA shut down approaches but that is too late to stay on my choice.

So, I think Republic overlooked how this would affect some people and should offer some sort of compensation.

BTW, I have the GSM sim, so I am not seeking compensation for myself.


Please feel free to name me as I am the Ambassador to whom you refer. There was nothing defensive in my response. You and I simply have a difference of opinion as to the practicality of what you proposed.


Hi Roland. I respect your commitment to serving the community, but I do think you minimized my point which I continue to believe is valid. I’ll change my wording. maybe not defensive but It came across as you defending Republic’s not informing all CDMA users.

I believe that teresam’s situation is an example that supports my point.

Like you, I’m trying to be helpful to the community while giving constructive feedback to Republic. I’ll leave it at that.


Thanks for your feedback @royrose, and we appreciate your advocating for all of our CDMA members.

It’s a difficult situation and we had to weigh a lot of factors, including some continuously shifting timelines from our carrier partner. While we’d like to give everyone as much time as possible to make an informed decision, we also wanted to be able to have the new plans available so that we wouldn’t have to make people go through the process of changing SIM cards (and carriers) twice.

Another very key factor is the fact that the vast majority of our CDMA users have no usable GSM coverage. So switching them to GSM so they’d have some semblance of flexibility to keep the My Choice plan would really be an act of rendering their phone unusable as a phone. Ultimately we decided they may have a far better chance of coverage with our new carrier.

No matter how we sliced it, it is a very confusing situation for everyone involved, and we ultimately made the decision to simplify matters by having a viable option in place as the CDMA network approaches the end of its service. We designed the new plans with our current members in mind, and with the exception of those with a no-data plan, the new plans offer similar pricing structure for those who do have to transition.

We’ll be glad to discuss, 1:1 with any member who needs additional help as we work through everything that’s before us. Ultimately, our goal is to be as fair as possible with all of our members.


Hi @theresam.6nyu9v,

I’m sorry for your frustration, and I’ve replied in your other topic, so I don’t want to have the conversation going in tandem in two topics, but I do want to clarify for others involved in this topic, that the issue you are facing is not related to the CDMA network, but rather, as you described in your other topic, a SIM card failure.

I’m not aware of any other carrier doing this and AT&T is DIRECTLY responsible in my wife’s case whereas Republic is an MVNO and has no say in the matter. Not sure that’s a fair request on your part.
ATT sent us a $30 new phone and basically said tough nuts, which is fine. I get that they want to end support on a network that only serves a small portion of their customers. Not allowing our capable but older phones on the new network is what annoyed me. But whatever, now we have nice fast phones.

Are you saying Republic gave you no warning at all? That seems odd.

I know how you are feeling. I received a new Sim card at the beginning of the month, to change from cdma to gsm. I had a new phone ordered, and Republic recommended that I wait until the new phone. Well the new phone was canceled, global supply issues. And the sim card no longer will work in my phone. So, I have a CDMA phone.

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I have been following all this news off and on in these discussions, but let me see if I have the full picture (I am asking this now as both I and other extended family members are RW customers currently on the My Choice plans.) The main factor of our concern is the areas where we live and frequently travel have better coverage on the T-Mobile/Sprint network (My Choice plans) than on the AT&T network (new plans). If I am wrong on the carriers between old and new, please correct me.

Several of us bought our Moto phones through RW and several have BYO Moto or Google Pixel phones.
If our goal is to stay on the My Choice plans then this what I have gleaned from all these discussions (again please correct me if I am wrong):

  1. If a phone has a RW CDMA SIM today, that SIM will have to be replaced in 2022 with a GSM SIM if the phone has dual support for GSM and CDMA and replacing the SIM requires moving to the new plans. And if the phone is only CDMA capable then that phone will eventually no longer work on RW’s new network.

2a) If a phone has a RW GSM SIM today then that phone can continue on the grandfathered My Choice plan if desired.

2b) And if you have a RW GSM SIM on the My Choice plan and want to move up to a new unlocked BYO GSM phone then the RW GSM SIM can be transferred to the new BYO phone and stay on the My Choice plan. (Or does this require a new activation, and thus, a requirement to move to the new plans?)

Again, while I and other extended family members have enjoyed RW plans and service for multiple years now, part of our decision to go with RW was based not only on the cost of the plans, but also the coverage of the cell network as well as the benefit of wifi calling which we all use and view as a big advantage. (Also, several of us are considering phone upgrades in the new year.)

Reading some other threads in this forum, I am also aware of the 5.0 plan compatibility chart and which phones support wifi calling on the new 5.0 plans. (For example, several of my extended family members have Moto X4 phones which means either staying on the existing My Choice plan or replacing those phones…and the answers to the questions in my prior post will factor in to those decisions.)

If the phone has a CDMA SIM card, then the only option will be to move to the new plans (or, another carrier). The CDMA SIM card will no longer work once T-Mobile decommissions the old Sprint CDMA network.

There are no CDMA-only phones compatible with the My Choice plans.

That is correct.

This is correct, with the proviso that the phone must be one of the compatible models listed here:

(Just a clarification; almost all of these phones could also be activated on the CDMA network when that was an option.)

If Wi-Fi calling is an important feature for you (and, still needed once you have coverage on the AT&T network), you will want to limit yourself to the phones that are compatible with Wi-Fi calling on the 5.0 plans. (As more testing is done, you may see that additional phones get this designation.)

Other than the legacy 1.0/2.0 phones (Moto Defy, X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 and E2) the last of which was sold in May 2016, there is no such thing as a CDMA only phone.


Correct IF the phone is a My Choice Compatible phone (

Which makes perfect sense. Generally AT&T is considered to have better coverage than T-Mobile, but as with real estate it is all about location, location, location.

All phones purchased from Republic for the new plans have wifi calling as do most new BYOP phones from major manufacturers.


In the wifi calling column on the 5.0 BYOP list, there are 53 Yes and 234 No. Yikes. I was surprised my 11 month old phone (Moto G Stylus 2021) was a no.