Very Disappointed in RW- Need Help Getting My Number Ported Out

Thanks for the suggestion, Jim!

Really nice to hear that not everyone is facing the same difficulty getting their numbers ported.

It’s been over 24 hours since Ting sent RW the porting request. No updates yet but they did warn me it could take up to 5 days.

I ported my number to Tello wireless, it took all of about 60 seconds. Your problems could have more to do with Straight Talk than it does Republic.

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Perhaps. But now I’m in the process of porting to Ting. It’s been a couple days and they’re still working on it.

My only gripe is Republic billed my credit card for this month on the 10th and then closed my account on the 11th, :grin:

Update: I got an update from Ting earlier in the day via email that RW has yet to respond to the port request placed 2/11/2021 (aka 5 days ago).

I just submitted another RW help ticket and am currently on hold with a Ting rep.

Final Update:

Last night Ting cancelled the most recent port request. I called them again this morning and they submitted a third request. This time it was successful and my number has been ported to Ting.

I opened a ticket yesterday (2/16) when Ting reported that they still hadn’t heard anything from RW about the request placed 2/11 (The first request was placed 2/10 and I got a rejection email immediately). The 2/11 request wasn’t accepted or rejected from what Ting could see on their end.

RW is claiming that the port request placed 2/11 was rejected because I didn’t have my PIN set up. Ting says they had not received comms about the port request one way or the other, so as far as they knew, the request was still being processed.

Not sure why RW didn’t notify me right away like they did the first time that the second port request was rejected. I’d like to have known what was happening so I could take corrective action asap. Instead, I was in limbo for almost a week until I reached out to you guys again last night. But whatever.

It’s done, which is what really matters. Hope the rest of you don’t run into the same issues I’ve had if you ever decide to leave.

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Please remember that one of the reasons for staying with Republic wireless is the Great service. In fact if you see the listing of reasons for staying with Republic wireless they are,
First price
Next quality of customer service
Next coverage
Next choice of quality low cost phones
Next Wi-Fi calling and texting.
Are you ready for this, Republic wireless is not in the top five mvnp companies in any of those items any longer. And I am a republic customer. I guess you can call me stupid or blindly faithful. My wife is already moved to mint and she’s exceedingly happy my granddaughter has moved to Ting and she’s exceedingly happy both have more service for a lower price and here I sit.

Hey Jim,

Definitely understand where you’re coming from. Obviously I’m no fan.

I originally came here because:

  1. I had a specific problem that needed solving and
  2. I wanted to communicate to others RW’s business practices that seem shady.

My problem is solved and I expressed my issues with the company as best I could. There is nothing left to say at this point from my perspective.

Seems like now you’re just ripping on RW in general and promoting their competitors on THEIR turf for no specific reason. Your most recent posts are probably better suited for neutral SM sites like Reddit or Twitter. Just my $0.02.


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When did it become a secret that RW’s service lines are classified as VOIP and that switching a VOIP line between services always takes a little longer and that you have to tell the new carrier your no. is a VOIP number? We have had 3 RW lines in our family for several years now. We knew when we signed up with RW that the govt classifies their lines as VOIP, and we had cell phone service with other co.s that are classified as VOIP before we switched to RW.
In addition we get forum discussion emails from RW all the time discussing the issue that this classification causes some problems with a few banks etc. But we are retired so 90% of our phone calls are on our home WiFi which saves us the cost of data charges so it is well worth that minor inconvenience of VOIP.
RW has always been very open about its VOIP classification, so I am really baffled by the fact that RW is in my humble opinion being falsely accused of making it a “secret.”
Hope adding my two cents is okay as I mean no harm.

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